Embroidered Collage

Daria Beer

Collage Artist

In my artistic practice, I blend digital and analogue collage techniques, creating narratives from both found as well as my own images. By re-contextualizing these visual fragments, I infuse them with new meaning to create brand new stories. Collage provides me with a meditative outlet for my creativity and thought explorations, by experimenting with different materials, textures, colours, and compositions. My collage work is primarily centered on women, celebrating their strength and beauty, while intertwining the powerful elements of nature.

The images resonate with my own journey, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate women’s strength, resilience and individuality. Through selecting and arranging images from old magazines and photographs, the created compositions highlight the diverse stories of women, so that their voices can be heard and their stories acknowledged. I work very intuitively; my creative process draws inspiration from my travels, from surrealist artists, and from nature. It invites viewers into a realm where imagination and reality converge. By re-purposing discarded materials such as forgotten photographs, magazines, books, fabric scraps, and stitching I transform and breathe a new life into images that would otherwise end up discarded. Using recycled materials, I engage in a dialogue about our relationship with the past, the stories embedded within, and issues of sustainability. My work is printed on paper and often embroidered using my mother’s embroidery floss. This embroidery floss is quite special, it was one of a very few items taken when my family was fleeing communist Poland in 1980s. 

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